6th Győr Symposium and 3rd Hungarian‐Polish and 1st Hungarian‐Romanian Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence



Intelligent systems have been a widely researched field in various areas of science and technology. Novel domains of research made it a truly multidisciplinary area including various areas of science and technology. With the advances and growth of the field new challenges appeared both theoretical and application.
The Széchenyi István University is not anymore the youngest University of Hungary. The Faculty of Engineering Sciences became the largest faculty of engineering in the country during the past 12 years. It is covering almost all engineering subjects including information technology and computer sciences.
In this period computational intelligence and involving many interdisciplinary research as well, such as applications in mechatronics, logistics and transportation, civil and architectural engineering, waste management and sustainable systems modelling has become one of the main research topics at the University, supported by a continuously renews annual grant provided by the Research Council.
The multidisciplinary Ph.D. school has several students working in the field and by now the name of Széchenyi István University never misses from the list of authors of all major CI conferences in the world, such as WCCI, IFSA, WC, IPMU, etc…
It is a great pleasure that some of the leading experts in the field in neighbouring countries and within Hungary have accepted our invitation to the 6th Győr Symposium, such as the keynote speakers Professors Janusz Kacprzyk and Doru Talabă, and that we can include now two bilateral events in the 6th Győr Symposium: the 3rd Hungarian-Polish and the 1st Hungarian-Romanian Joint Conferences on Computational Intelligence.
We hope that the 6th Symposium will provide a great opportunity for exchanging ideas in a friendly atmosphere and will contribute to the advancement of computational intelligence research.

László T. Kóczy
Piotr Kulczycki
Alex Tormási